Hoyst Resources Ltd. (Aerial Cableway Engineering/ Rope Course Technology) is a department of the newly registered company specialising in challenge rope courses, group activity elements and outdoor experiences.

With inspiration from the outdoor education industry we aim to benefit ‘challenge by choice” and “experiential learning programs” with fun and enjoyable physical and psychological challenges.

Rope courses have increased in popularity worldwide in the tourism, education, outdoor education centers, sporting institutes, recreational centers, and rehabilitation centers. We wish to be an intergral part of the industry as a provider of such challenge facilities.

Our “challenge rope courses” are constructed of approved galvanized wire ropes either in trees or on treated poles above ground level. In other words, it is an aerial educational playground.

We install both tree based and pole based rope courses in suburban areas, woodlands and rocky environments.

Our designs and choice of challenge elements vary according to venue and clientele.

Hoyst Recourses Ltd. has a strong focus on environmental awareness and sound pollution. We try to minimize any impact on natural environment and habitat.